Dress Rehearsal and Recital Notes


For Dress Rehearsal:


         Please arrive on time and bring something quiet to for the dancer to do.


         Rehearsal is closed to parents and the public. This gives the dancers a chance to see the show and enhances the safety of the students.


         There will be a check-in/out point to drop off and pick up your dancer.


         The dancer should arrive dressed in their Jazz costume for rehearsal.


         No food or drink allowed in the auditorium.


         Do not send extra shoes as they tend to get "lost" too easily at rehearsal.



For Recital:


         Dancers should arrive 1 hour before show time to provide some time to practice their dances.


         There will be a check-in/out point to drop off and pick up your dancer.


         Tights must be purchased through the studio to ensure consistency of color.


         All costumes should be pressed. Tip: Do not use a hot iron. Hanging the costume in bathroom while taking a shower seems to take the wrinkles out the best.


         Make sure all costumes and shoes have your name/initials on them.


         Dancer should come dressed in their tights and "base" leotard piece.


         No underwear for the performance. Tights are dancers underwear.


         Make-up is not required. However, it is suggested to apply a "mother's touch" of makeup so the dancer won't looked "washed out" under the strong stage lights.


         Hair may be worn in any style you prefer. It's suggested to keep the hair off the face so it doesn't bother the dancer when they are performing. Keep in mind any hair accessories that may used.